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SSL certificates are one of the most important things you would need on your website to ensure security. Here’s a hands-on, well-researched guide about everything you need to know about SSL certificates. 

If you are a beginner planning to create a portfolio website or a business one, this SSL certificate guide is something you shouldn’t miss. Check it out! 

What Is an SSL Certificate? 

Quite commonly known as TLS, SSL is a protocol that is used for encrypting the Internet traffic and verifying the identity of the server. The website which has an HTTPS web address uses the SSL/TLS protocol. 

An SSL certificate enables different kinds of websites to move from the HTTP protocol to the HTTPS protocol, a much secure option. The SSL certificate is a data file that is hosted at the origin server of the website. 

It makes SSL/TLS encryption a possibility for website owners. The certificate contains a set of unique data related to the website, such as the public key of the website and other related information. 

All of the different kinds of devices that attempt to connect to the origin of the server will refer to this data file to obtain the public key and verify the identity of the server. The private key of the website is always kept secure and secret. 

The Importance of Owning an SSL Certificate

All websites need an SSL certificate for keeping the data of the users secure and protected, verifying the ownership, and protecting it from cyberattackers.

Also, an SSL certificate helps in protecting your website from piracy and fake versions. 

HTTPS: One of the most important things for business websites is an SSL certificate. It is necessary for migrating from HTTP to HTTPS web address. Not only does it offer great security for the website but it also ensures trust from the incoming traffic. 

Encryption: An SSL certificate ensures SSL/TLS encryption for a website. This is because the certificate offers a public-private key pairing.   

Authentication: One of the major advantages of an SSL certificate is that it verifies that the client stays connected to the correct server. This authentication helps in preventing domain spoofing and various other kinds of attacks.  

How Does an SSL Certificate Help?

An SSL certificate has a ton of different advantages but the major ones include:

  • The info related to the person, device, and organization it was issued for quick and secure authentication
  • Encryption for top-class and business-level encryption
  • Boosts SEO ranking for all kinds of websites
  • Improves customer support 
  • Search engines and browsers like Google and Mozilla flag websites that do not have an SSL certificate. A warning signal of “Not Secure” is displayed on the website if there is no SSL certificate found. 


Here ends the guide of the SSL Certificate. Make sure you secure your website with an SSL certificate to rank higher on SERPs and gain the trust of the visitors. 

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