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Passwords are everywhere! From the lock on your mobile phones to the ones in your lockers at the bank, the 21st-century human has an additional job of remembering all his/her passwords. 

Here we bring you an insight into why the world lays so much importance on secure passwords and why you should care for one. Check it out!

Secure Passwords: The First Line of Defense

It is very well said that a secure password is our first line of defense in the tech world. It is one of the core elements that protect your device, data, projects, and more from malicious and unauthorized access. 

Today, when the world is going more and more digital each new day, a weak password could leak out your personal information in the public domain or even in the black internet world.

A strong password would make sure that your computer is safe from various kinds of attacks, viruses, malicious and harmful software, and more. 

IT experts and tech professionals recommend you to maintain strong passwords for all your accounts and data files as well as on your computer.

One of the biggest mistakes people make while trying to secure their important data such as business information is setting a weak password. 

There are a number of different guidelines out there that can help you in setting a secure and powerful password.    

✓ Try to use unique passwords for all your different accounts.  

✓ Your password should be at least 8 characters long. You should mix things like lowercase letters, uppercase letters, symbols, numbers, and so on to strengthen your passwords. 

✓ Do not use your personal information, such as your age, name, date of birth, and so on in your password. 

✓ Make sure you don’t use any kind of keyword combinations in your passwords as they are very easy to crack. Some of it includes combinations like “QWERTY” and “ASDFGH”

Why You Should Have a Strong Password?

Getting frustrated about remembering a number of different passwords in our day-to-day life is quite common these days. The fear of being hacked by different kinds of cyberattacks and unauthorized access is also booming each new day. 

Usually, people create their passwords using their personal information, such as their favorite place, person, actors, and so on, which is not recommended. 

Passwords with keyword combinations and personal information are quite easy to hack whereas the ones with special characters, symbols, and sentences are very hard to crack for any level of a hacker. 

For example, people setting their passwords as “Passwords” have a higher chance of being hacked than the ones having passwords with special characters integrated, such as “Passw8rd” or “Passw000”. 

Also, a similar password like “P8ss#0rd” is an example of a secure and strong password. 

To protect your devices, data, and computer devices from unauthorized access is very important in times where cyberattacks are only increasing. 

A long, strong, and secure password is one of the most important things you need to secure yourself from cyberattacks.

Avoiding lax and insecure passwords gives extra, strong, and powerful protection which is very important in modern times. 

Disadvantages of a Weak Password

✔ Increased probability of cyberattack and data loss

✔ Manipulation of sensitive data

✔ Loss of personal assets and reputation 


Hacking is being carried out on a daily basis with/without any motive. Make sure you set a strong password to avoid cyberattacks and unauthorized access to your devices, data, and online accounts. Set up your secure password now!

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