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While seeing a website, apart from the information and style used, the first thing that attracts us is the range of colors used. 

This guide of the color palette and the importance of color in a website offers you an insight into everything you need to know about digital colors. Check it out now! 

What is a Color Palette?

Quite evident from the name itself, a color palette is a mix and combination of colors used by a user interface designer for designing an interface. 

With the right and adequate implementation, the color palettes all together form a complete visual foundation of your brand. 

It also helps in maintaining the consistency of the design and even assists in making your user interface more aesthetic, pleasing, and fun for the user. 

Importance of Color in a Website 

For the success of any kind or niche of online business around the world, the perfect color and color combination is very important. 

It is your first asset in fetching a reaction from your target audience and possible customer.

The right color combination could help you in hitting the right emotion of your target visitor and making the visitor hit the CTA button on your website. 

Gone are the days when black and white images used to be the main graphical source for a website. Modern colors and combinations help in defining the perfect brand philosophy, as well as help in boosting your profits. 

How to Choose Your Brand Color?

The right brand color or color combination takes you one step closer to making your business a success. Here are the major things you have to keep in mind while choosing brand color:

✓ Explore color philosophies 

✓ Look for inspiration 

✓ Choose the secondary and primary color

✓ Establish the brand’s identity 

✓ Test the combination


Colors are as important as the brand itself. Choose the ones which help you in transferring your brand message perfectly. 

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