Domain Blacklist Check

Check if a domain is blacklisted for any reason by Google?

Are you looking to know all about Domain Blacklist Check for your next online project? If yes, then look no further as here we bring you a detailed and informative guide on everything you need to know about Domain Blacklist Check. 

From the importance of checking the blacklist domains to their impact on online projects, this guide covers it all. Check it out! 

What Is a Domain Blacklist?

First things first, the term blacklist defines itself quite evidently. This is a list of all the domains that are blocked due to some or other reasons.

Domain blacklist is similar to the email address blacklists and IP address blacklists. 

Whenever a website gets listed on one of such blacklists, the user would no longer get access to the website directly. There are servers all around the world that use such blacklists to block domains. 

Thinking about how you can know if your domain is blacklisted or not? There are a ton of different tools available online that have direct access to hundreds and thousands of unique blacklists and databases that run your domain name and address through them to check whether your domain is blacklisted or not. 

One of the biggest problems of having your domain blacklisted is that the reputation of the domain gets dropped. 

How Should You Check for Domain Blacklists Before Purchasing an Old Domain?

Are you planning to buy a used domain? One thing you should know here is that there are no notifications offered to you about domain blacklisting when buying an old domain. 

Here are a few ways you can check whether your preferred domain has been blacklisted or not. 

Directly Check a Blacklisted Website: There are a number of different blacklists openly available in the public domain, such as the popular 

Here you can directly check whether your preferred domain has been blacklisted or not by simply searching for the same with either its IP address or domain name. 

Use Dedicated Blacklist Tools: The internet is packed with a ton of different dedicated blacklist checker tools. The best part is that a lot of free ones allow you to check different domain names and IP addresses. 

As there are a number of different blacklists, not every tool would have access to all of them, so you should make sure that you run your checks on different tools over the internet. 

Use Reports and Metrics to Determine Whether the Domain Is Blacklisted: Another very commonly used method of checking blacklisted domains is by analyzing the domain reports.

Different kinds of metrics help you in making a check whether the domain or IP address has been blacklisted or not, such as the opening rates, drastic drop in web traffic, and so on.

The Impact of Domain Blacklisting

The last thing you would want when looking to initiate a new online business is a blacklisted domain. Here are a few major impacts of domain blacklisting you should know about:

  • Domain blacklisting could convincingly drop your website’s traffic to a whopping 95%
  • It affects the reputation and looks of your website as well because Internet giants like Google show a blacklisted warning to your visitors if your website is blacklisted.
  • The emails sent from your domain or IP address might not land on your clients’ inbox or even the spam folder if your domain is blacklisted. 


Make sure that your preferred domain is not blacklisted and keep it safe from getting into one to receive good traffic and business success. 

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